Coming To A Climax💜✨Scorpio Full Moon 蠍座の満月

日本語アメブロはこちらから ✨

Scorpio Full Moon is coming up! Scorpio is the most intense sign of all 12 signs, and this week is filled up with this energy. 

Not only the full moon related to sexuality, revealing truth and scandals, we have other such powerful celestial events taking place this month. Especially, the two big game players Pluto and Uranus are having final conversations that started in 2011.  These two planets have been forming an intense angle (90 degree, square), and now the big chapter is coming to a climax this monthin April 2018. 

What are the massive changes you are experiencing since 2011? What are the areas you had huge shift and transformation? Do you see some same themes and stories from that time relating to events that are happening this month?

This month and next month, expect the unexpected. You can be shocked by some events or realizations that occur to you and might finally start accepting the massive changes in your life. It can make you feel like you are peeling off old dead skins or you are flipped upside down hung on a tree. Anyhow, the universe is trying to make you see yourself or world from totally different perspectives. 

Personally, I had two big events that happened to me since last week that totally opened my eyes. (Or my brain.)

1. I got a phone call by one of the world's top online news publisher to be in an article as an astrologer. After we chat about the details, I asked him how he found me, and he said "Oh, I searched for "Best Astrologer/ Psychic in Manhattan NYC" and you came up." 

2. I had a tragedy that happened to me 13 years ago, and I never really talked about it in public.

This week, I had a young lady who had my session for the first time.
She told me she always has been a big fan of me from my YouTube channel and she was so happy to see me. At first, she was hesitating to talk about her situation since it was such a personal, deep topic that was related to death. 

As she opened up and stared to tell me her story, I felt my body slowly started to freeze. It was almost the same situation I have experienced at the tragedy 13 years ago.

As she kept going deeper in the story, the circumstances and the details started to look alike more and more. I got flash backs from the event I experienced, and it brought me back the intense emotions and the feel of physical conditions I went through. 

She told me she could only tell the story to another old friend of hers and couldn't tell anyone else until she had my session. She was crying throughout the whole time. I could tell how she was still panicked and had such oppressed feelings and guilt from the event. It was clearly old "me" who was crying out right in front of eyes.

I finally told her I had exactly same event in the past. She was shocked and couldn't believe it because she always thought I was her ideal and perfect one. I started tearing up and gave her advises from my own experiences and the perspectives of the stars. 

I told her everything will definitely be alright. She was so glad she followed her intuition and contacted me but no one else. 

This event totally changed my life. I will never forget the way she was crying in front of me. I thought the universe was showing me to realize how much I have changed and became stronger in the 13 years.

I have to admit the tragedy transformed me into someone else. After her session, I cried until I felt like my eye and brain are falling off from my head. I even finished a whole tissue box. Finally, I was able to embrace myself and old self who was crying alone not being able to tell the story to anyone for many years. 

I explained earlier many things started to shift in 2011 for all of us. For me, it was the time I finally started to face and heal the pain from the event. It was also when the big earthquake and Tsunami happened in Japan, and natural disasters are always related to what happens to us on personal level in Astrology. I had no idea how much I was oppressing my emotions and fear until then.

As the big chapter ends this month, it made a total sense to me to have this client and being recognized as the best astrologer in NYC at the same time.  Now I can help the world to become stronger instead of crying by myself.

I want to tell everyone who is reading this letter, please tell your truth. If you can't tell it to any friends or family, please talk to professionals. (It doesn't even have to be me.) Not being able to tell something to anybody is the worst thing you can do. This also includes telling your true feelings to your family, friends, co-workers etc. When you do, a whole new world is waiting for you.

Thanks so much for reading this long letter! Please learn about the important celestial events in my YouTube video above. 

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Wishing you a beautiful full moon 💜✨






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