Aquarius New Moon💚⚡️

Aquarius New Moon

Today January 27th at 7:06pm (EST), we have Aquarius New Moon. 

This new moon is filled with energy of fresh new starts, lucky opportunities and blessings. New moon is always a great time to set your intention and plant seeds in the area you would like to grow and expand in your life. 

This time, Mars goes into its home sign Aries soon after the new moon. It will amplify your will power, energy of "wanting to take actions" to manifest your desires. Set your intention to the direction you wish to jump forward and get ready for the new opportunities and the fresh inspirational beginning!

We also have Saturn squaring Venus at this New Moon.

You might feel this energy like stepping on an accelerator and a break at the same time.

At this new moon, the energy was emphasized especially in the area of finance, love and relationships.

Despite your urge to take actions and to move forward, you might feel some limitations from some circumstances or your health. If you are in an established bond, your partner needed lots of attentions that required you to be present and deal with some matters maturely.

Be honest with yourself and others. 
Take care of yourself.

If you are having any health issues, those are signs from your body. What is it you need to change? Accept and find love in yourself and in others.

Right now, all the major planets are going forward until February 5th- it is a wonderful time to start anything new- new contracts, events, opening new online accounts etc..

It only happens once a year or so. Take advantage of this time, and go for something you never thought you could! 💚⚡️

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