Hito's New Session Prices✨

Last year, I have read about 200 people's Astrology charts! It has been a wonderful year since I started my sessions. Astrology is a tool that has totally changed my life with my Career, Love and Finance.

January 9th 2017 on, I am offering new prices for my sessions!


Hito's Astrology Personal Session

[ New Prices ]

*Starting from January 9th 2017


1 Session 1 hour $175

2 Sessions 1hour 30 min x 2 $295 ($147 per session)

3 Month Transformation Package *$750 ($1050 worth)

= 1month $247

* Bonus Present if you pay in full

2 sessions / month x 3month

transformational questions and paper works

email follow- up after the sessions


Package payment plan = month/ $275 x3


Transform to "NEW YOU"!✨



Photo by Sarah Wang , Art by Megumi Haruna