Aries New Moon/ Pluto- Sun Aspect



Today and tomorrow, we have an intense position of the planets called the Sun and Pluto square (90 degree). You might be experiencing a big transformation in the last 3-4 days.

While planet Uranus can give you sense of freedom and breakthroughs, this Pluto aspect can make you feel you pressured. Some intense emotions can come arise, or you can be physically challenged. Hidden messages can be discovered deep within in yourself or from the others. 

Pluto is a planet of death and rebirth. It forces us to look into your truth and receive meaningful spiritual lessons and growth.

The Sun- Pluto is also a time for motivation. You might be finally motivated to work on some important matters to make significant changes in your life.

This energy can be challenging for a lot of us. If you are experiencing some emotional or physical ups and downs, don't worry. It is happening for reasons. ( I already had all these this weekend.  )

Try to stay calm and still. Love, take care and nurture yourself. Look into what is really true in your life. Look into the changes you are experiencing, and notice where it is happening in your life.

This month of April is a huge game changing month. Some unexpected, transformative events can happen and it will break up stagnations in your life big time .

Whether it's in career or relationships, it will help us leaping to the next level. The universe is ready for you to move on!

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I explained how to go through the energy of this month!